Quick & Handy Typing, MovingKey

Move the Key! Enjoy quick typing the numbers and symbols on your finger tips!


Moving keys! Quick and handy typing!

If you move the keys on the keyboard, the numbers or symbols between the alphabetic keys are typed without converting the keyboard. Also, moving keys makes the typing dynamic and fun.

Numbers and symbols are personalized

Numbers and symbols placed between the alphabetic keys can be edited so that they can be changed to other symbols you use more often.

More than 100 keyboard skins

You can choose from a variety of keyboard skins to suit your taste.

Keyboard with twice bigger keys

If you experience many typos due to narrow keys on your qwerty keyboard, try half qwerty or qetuo, which has double-sized keys.

Reply with a pre-saved message

This is convenient when you need to send a message immediately during a meeting or driving. You can save sentences like "I am in a meeting now. I will contact you later" and use them whenever convenient.

Language change by one touch

We removed the sequential steps of language change (Korean -> English -> Japanese -> Korean). When using more than three languages, you can directly switch to the language with a single touch.

Use up to 3 languages

38 languages ​​are available in MovingKey keyboard. You can select and use up to 3 languages you want. (Chinese and Japanese will be available in the next version.)

Video Tutorial